Ten life-lessons I learned over the last two weeks

Posted by Louis Brandy on 29 June 2009
  1. The reason we invented civilization is so you can do one thing really well, and give money to other people to do everything else for you. I discovered this during my move. Movers charge a lot of money. They are worth it.
  2. There is no such thing as one-coat paint. Don't believe the hype.
  3. People you know in real life will mock you if you write a blog. As they should.
  4. Don't write something you don't believe, just to be provocative. People who don't know you that well might take it seriously.
  5. Never trust an Austrian talking about power.
  6. The more people who go to a meeting, the more efficient it is. I have no idea how. I can't explain this.
  7. Hard consonants are funny. If you need an arbitrary noun for a joke, choose one with good hard consonants. Tuesday is the best day. Seventeen is a good number. James K Polk. Buicks. This also explains why a well-placed 'fuck' makes jokes better.
  8. The egg came first. I've seen through the bullshit.
  9. I have never been more wrong about anything in my life than twitter. Sorry twitter. Good luck Iran.
  10. I am still correct about the vast majority of twitterers.

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