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Posted by Louis Brandy on 23 May 2010

I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff at work, so I have a bunch of fairly technical things to write about in the future. But for now, for today, I’m going with a public service. I’m a huge fan of geeky music and/or musical comedy. This is also a good opportunity to mention that I love Pandora. I spend a good 8 hours a day listening to Pandora. If you are bored, here’s my own favorite list of madness. You can easily lose a few hours wandering aimlessly through the youtube halls. If you’ve got any other similar acts, let me know.

Also, happy LOST finale.

They Might Be Giants

Not a very well kept secret but you should listen to all their stuff, if you haven’t. I’ve provided one of my favorites, officially titled Why Does the Sun Shine?


Flight of the Conchords

Another poorly kept secret. Again, if you haven’t listened to all their stuff, you are missing out. Here’s The Humans are Dead. Make sure to stick around for the solo:


Tim Minchin

Of the whole list, Tim is my favorite. His stuff is really smart, really funny, sometimes serious, but always appropriately childish. He can also flat out sing, if need be. This is actually a beat poem called Storm:


Jonathan Coulton

Everyone (I think) has probably heard the song Code Monkey. I’ve supplied it here, just in case. You should really dig into his other stuff, because there is quite a bit of amazingness to be found. Also, he licenses his stuff under the Creative Commons License, so that makes him someone worth supporting.



I found these guys on reddit (I think) from the song below. They’ve got a bunch of other good super geeky comedy songs, as well. The song below, Gonna Make You Happy, is especially brilliant. I played it for my wife. I am so romantic.


Stephen Lynch

This guy is so hilarious but a fair bit, uh shall we say, explicit? It might not be for everyone, but he is so very, very funny. I’ve chosen one (called D&D)of the less explicit and geeky songs for embedding:


Axis of Awesome

You should go through youtube looking for all their stuff, but this one is just too good to be missed. The 4-Chord Song.

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