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Posted by Louis Brandy on 07 November 2010

Back when no one knew what twitter was, I described it to a friend as a cross between micro-blogging and instant messenger, he declared that it must be “the worst place on the internet”. We were both wrong. At any rate, I’ve finally decided to join the twitter (activated my long inactive account). You can follow me @lbrandy. Check out my first epic tweet. If you follow me, I promise I will say funny things at least once per week.

I need people to follow as well, so if you read this site, you should send me your twitter name so I can follow you. You can do this in comments, in email, or, if you are feeling brave, on twitter. That last one will presume I can figure out how to “receive” such messages.

I did tons of work on my sites this weekend, so I’m not really writing a serious post. I upgraded the server (so if you see any badness, please let me know). I also switched on google ads, not because I think you guys will click on any ads, but because I wanted to play around with adsense and learn a bit about it.

Back to normal posting next week.

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