i'm back!

Posted by Louis Brandy on 05 May 2012

Ok 1year+ off, and it’s time to get back into it. Once you break the habit it’s hard to restart. A big reason I haven’t restarted writing is because wordpress just depresses me. This place has fallen into total disarray. Spam comments. I’m running an old version, meh. Anyway… Step #1. Kill wordpress. Tomorrow I’m going to have a personal hackathon to write a wordpress->something converter. Something is almost certainly a static blog generator. I’m thinking ruhoh.

Step #2. Upload all my old svn repos to github because why the hell not. I have the code for my sc2 replay aggregator site, the code for that time I hacked (in the good way) the allegheny county tax system,  and the project I did to get an interview at reddit.

Step #3. Profit and stuff.

The good news is I have tons of stuff to possibly write about, and a bunch of drafts that I can polish, so yay content.

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